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How to Improve Roll broken usage time The Crusher manufacturer

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Date: 2016-08-01

Roll Crusher crusher is one of the more important classification, and the tooth roll crusher as well as famous jaw crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher crusher, these crusher China’s new urbanization for China’s infrastructure construction have made great contributions. Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturer, where the Hai Zhuoya mining machinery simple and introduce the next roll crusher.


Applications Roll Crusher is widely used, it can be used for limestone, sandstone, shale and dolomite crushing materials processing operations, but the majority of users to note is that different from jaw crusher, roll crusher capable of crushing the hardness of the material has certain provisions, if the machine is broken material hardness excellent important causes wear parts roll crusher serious. So as crusher manufacturer How to prolong the life of the tooth roll crusher, to strengthen the degree of wear-resistant parts of the crusher?

(1) For the crusher manufacturers, to guarantee the quality of roll crusher parts of the factory crusher double roll crusher teeth one by one test, and hardness, strength and toughness of the finished wear parts test analysis.

Casting temperature (2) Crusher Double Roll control requires the use of foreign advanced temperature analyzer, precise control of the casting temperature, produce better quality Double Roll Crusher.

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