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Different ore beneficiation methods different

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Date: 2016-08-15

Sand production line there is a significant flow of processing operations, due to impurities contained in the natural ore more, of course, these impurities also includes many other useful substances. Sand and gravel production line beneficiation process is necessary, which is an important way to get ore, for the beneficiation process Shanghai Joyal mining machinery today and we want to say is that different methods Ore is also a great difference.

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Kind of ore is very rich, often used like granite, limestone, dolomite, etc. These different ore properties are very different, there is a big difference ore hardness, water content, so that different ores with approach to dressing is also very different. Mining machinery generally used for beneficiation has all the common shaker, flotation machine, mining machinery here Shanghai Joyal simple and we talk about the different ore screening method What is the difference.

Most said ore processing operations include crushing, grinding, screening and other types of processes, general shaker, crusher are all very different machines, the main difference is that the beneficiation flotation or magnetic separation. Different ore sorting is also a great difference.

Lead-zinc mineral processing techniques need to be sorting out Concentrate was concentrated, filtered, and the drying and other technology, so our ability to reach the selection of lead-zinc specification. And manganese ore beneficiation need are usually selected flotation and magnetic separation method of combining, since the ore contains more impurities, in addition to conventional mineral processing equipment, users also need a shaker and jigger for auxiliary production.

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