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Magnetite Crusher

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Date: 2011-11-25

Magnetite is a ferrimagnetic mineral with chemical formula Fe3O4, one of several iron oxides and a member of the spinel group. The chemical IUPAC name is iron(II,III) oxide and the common chemical name ferrous-ferric oxide. The formula for magnetite may also be written as FeO•Fe2O3, which is one part wüstite (FeO) and one part hematite (Fe2O3). This refers to the different oxidation states of the iron in one structure, not a solid solution. The Curie temperature of magnetite is 858 K (585 °C; 1,085 °F).

Magnetite has been very important in understanding the conditions under which rocks form and evolve. Magnetite reacts with oxygen to produce hematite, and the mineral pair forms a buffer that can control oxygen fugacity. Commonly igneous rocks contain grains of two solid solutions, one between magnetite and ulvospinel and the other between ilmenite and hematite. Compositions of the mineral pairs are used to calculate how oxidizing was the magma (i.e., the oxygen fugacity of the magma): a range of oxidizing conditions is found in magmas and the oxidation state helps to determine how the magmas might evolve by fractional crystallization.

Beneficiation process of Magnetite ore
A kind of wet and dry combined magnetite beneficiation process method, mainly on the mineral powder for three magnetic treatment, and then by wet magnetic materials, magnetic field strength of the selected 400 ~ 1200GS, magnetic roller speed of 60 320 r / min, wet material obtained by the dehydration product of iron ore powder, usually iron ore at 35% by this method after magnetic separation of iron ore powder iron content up to 68 ~ 70%, the joint process method utilization rate of 90% ore, process the less water and save water, reduce costs, reduce pollution, magnetic separation of dust from the dust trapping device will not cause air pollution, this method is a high efficiency, product quality.

Magnetite mining equipment
Magnetite mining, processing and value adding is much more intensive than the process required for the more traditionally hematite ore. Getting the ore out of the ground is the start of a more complex mining process. Once it has been extracted, it must go through a highly technical process to separate out and crush the magnetite into a concentrate – for direct export or for conversion into pellets.

The first stage is to feed the Magnetite ore through a primary crusher, located in-pit and can be Jaw crusher or Cone crusher. The crushed ore is then transported to a concentrator, which is comprised of a series of Grinding mills and other processes. Each of the eight Grinding mills stands over 17 metres high and 12 metres in diameter.

The Grinding mills, such as Joyal ball mill and Raymond mill, produce a fine magnetite ore stream that can be separated by magnetic separators to either concentrate or tailings. The resulting concentrate will be thickened and stored before being pumped 25 kilometres to the port, where it is filtered to reduce moisture.

Around 75% of the concentrate will be shipped direct to blast furnaces, with the remainder being processed into pellets. These pellets are able to be used as a feedstock to blast furnaces in the production of iron.

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