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Option Principle and Methods of Ball Mill Liner Materials

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Date: 2015-03-16

ball mills lining board is the main purpose of use of the lining board surface and its convex peak belt grinding ball,Many times for material crushing and grinding.Lining material selection is appropriate for grinding ball mills work performance has a great influence.This article will mainly introduce selection principle and selection method of lining materials.When choosing materials ,we must determine different capable person according to different conditions,It is used In the fine grinding warehouse or coarse grinding warehouse.Fine grinding storehouse mainly small decorative pattern plate, corrugated plate, flat plate as the main form.The effect of Coarse grinding storehouse and fine grinding storehouse is different,The loading diameter of grinding ball is different, form the impact of the transform plate also have very big differenence.The same mill diameter, coarse grinding storehouse grinding medium diameter is large,The impact of the material is also big,The impact of Transform plate is big,Fine grinding storehouse is much better.
qmj4Selection principle:The service life of the material relative wear resistance is higher;With proper strong toughness, It is guaranteed that the lining board in the process of work safety and reliability is particularly important;We should not only consider the lining board itself of the cost of production, but also consider the downtime of lining board of the installation, replacement cost, labor, and many aspects such as auxiliary materials consumption and productivity
Transform plate materials at home and abroad research has never stopped,At present ,our country industrialization of wear resistant steel materials has 40 ~ 50,Production process, mechanical properties and industrial application effect are not identical, it has now formed the many varieties of small batch process characteristics.Practice has proved that for fine grinding storehouse,The effect of chromium manganese steel with carbon in the alloy is better.Within 3 ~ 5 meters in diameter of ball grinding mill in the coarse grinding of storehouse, we should choose in low carbon alloy chromium manganese, because it has good abrasion resistance, economic benefit is very good too.Ball mill machine for diameter less than or equal to 3 meters,The coarse grinding storehouse should choose multiple alloying high-chromium cast iron,The security and stability of this kind of material, and it has good abrasion resistance.

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