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Analyze the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher

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Date: 2017-03-13

Jaw crusher is a kind of mine machinery equipment for the broken ore, because the jaw crusher crushing ratio is large and the jaw crusher can be used for a variety of different ore crushing processing, jaw crusher crushing ratio Large and relatively high yield so jaw crusher in the gravel production line is widely loved by an ore crushing machinery and equipment.Here the Shanghai JOAYL mining machinery with everyone in-depth analysis of the eccentric shaft jaw crusher.

Jaw crusher is a large type of ore crushing machinery equipment, composed of jaw crusher parts are very much, eccentric shaft jaw crusher is one of the most critical parts, jaw crusher in the eccentric shaft is driven even The main part of the movement of the jaw (or movable jaw) is the key to the operation of the jaw crusher, which is subjected to considerable bending force and torque. Therefore, the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher must have better abrasion resistance.

Some jaw crushers, the dynamic jaw axis and moving jaw connection is the use of double tangential key connection method, the advantages of this method is easy to disassemble. And the whole jaw crusher, this jaw crusher eccentric shaft is not so good demolition. Zhuo Ya also need to remind the majority of users should pay attention to the maintenance of eccentric shaft, long time to use eccentric shaft damage to the situation need to replace the new situation in a timely manner.

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