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Basalt breaking production process

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Date: 2016-11-07

Basalt is a basic out of rock, mineral composition mainly by the basic feldspar and pyroxene composition, basalt in the ore resource is famous “hard bone”, basalt is a relatively high hardness of the rock rock, because the basalt of this The characteristics of the basalt can become the main building materials of the highway.
As China’s economic development and population growth, China’s urban transport problems have become a key problem to be solved, a lot of road construction must be carried out a lot of aggregate, and basalt aggregate as the main source of sand and gravel , It becomes the object of development and utilization of natural ore.

The main purpose of basalt for road materials, in the production and processing time according to the different road construction choose the appropriate processing machinery and equipment. If the equipment selection is not appropriate, it will seriously affect the quality of the construction of road construction facilities, for example, if the production of basalt sand and gravel when the needle will produce more of the road surface collapse of gravel.

Therefore, it is very important to select a suitable broken basalt mechanical equipment, basalt in the production process of basalt need to be shaped plastic basalts to achieve the minimum needle tablets. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we recommend the jaw crushercone crushervertical shaft impact crusher breaking process, this combination can be completely broken basalt produced a small chip-shaped tablets.

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