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Indonesia: Chinese construction machinery export prospects

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Date: 2012-06-29

In Southeast Asia, Indonesia can be described as the pearl of this emerging market. Indonesia is the largest country of the total economy in Southeast Asia, the construction machinery market in Southeast Asia a top priority of the construction machinery market!
Since 2002, Indonesia’s construction industry is booming, with the demand for infrastructure construction engineering machinery and equipment, the Government for a total of $ 230 billion investment in roads, railways, ports, airports, power stations and other projects. According to the Indonesia International Daily News “reported that, in view of the growing demand for railway transport, the Indonesian Ministry of Transportation National Railway Department must build more railway network, according to the Indonesian Government’s plan until 2030, the National Railway Department should be able to an additional 12,100 km of rail lines. Senior analyst of the China Construction Machinery optimistic estimates, Indonesia’s infrastructure market will maintain the good momentum of rapid development in the future.

China and Indonesia bilateral trade amounted to nearly $ 43 billion in 2011, China has become one of Indonesia’s largest trading partner and import and export markets. The Indonesian government announced the official launch of the Indonesia 20,112,025 economic development of the overall plan “, the Government hopes that through the implementation of the overall plan, and strive to achieve the vision of the target in 2025 among the world’s top ten economic powers. The ambitious goal is bound to promote Indonesia to further the introduction of large-scale infrastructure building program.

2012 Indonesian Construction Machinery Exhibition Not surprisingly, attracted more than 200 companies from seven countries, including Indonesia, China, Singapore, Thailand, Belgium, Malaysia, India and other exhibitors, top construction machinery enterprises at home and abroad dressed appearance in the show.

In addition to the traditional engineering machinery products, Indonesia’s demand for mining equipment, transportation equipment and other products are also enormous. Coal resources in Indonesia is very rich in coal industry has become a pillar export industries in Indonesia, Indonesian Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry is expected to 2025, Indonesia’s coal output will reach 405 million tons, more than two-thirds of which will be used for export.

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