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Joyal Development Trend of Impact Crusher

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Date: 2014-12-19

VSI series Sand Making Machine is the third generation sand making equipment . The machine can provide good quality sand aggregates for highway, high-speed railway, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydropower dam constructions and concrete mixing plant and it is the first choice in artificial sand making machine and stone reshaping industry.

zyc cone crusher-In today’s society, the use of the application of more and more widely, small scale gold crushing plant the pebbles are processed can be used as a building material. Cone crusher, as the secondary crushing equipment, which is the most suitable machine to crush the pebble according to its size. But due to the high hardness, cobble crushing difficulty is stronger, production has been small, but with the development of mining machinery and change, the use of all kinds of broken machinery, has greatly promoted the application of production, the pebble is a byproduct of the exploitation of yellow sand, is a kind of natural stone material, after one thousand years the earth’s crust movement and the river, extrusion and friction.Pebbles mainly of silica, also contain iron, manganese, copper, aluminum and other elements and compounds.

Among the five commonly used crushing machines, Sand Making Machine has the following features compared with the crushers that crush materials relying on impacting and squeezing force such as jaw crusher, cone crusher machine and roll crusher: A. Big crushing ratio, The crushing ratio of impact crusher can reach more than 50, while that of jaw crusher, cone crusher, and roller crusher is very difficult to reach more than 20. Thus in occasions of single stage crushing, for example the crushing of limestone in cement industry, impact crusher is widely used. B. Good particle size, Under the impacting force, materials often crush along its most vulnerable levels. Adopting this selective crushing method, the ratio of cube particles is higher, so the content of flaky particles can be below 10%, while that of jaw crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher and other crushers is higher than 15%. Therefore, in some occasions that need cube particles, impact crusher is usually used as the final crushing equipment to produce concrete aggregate.

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