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Spring cone crusher machine bearing temperature control method

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Date: 2016-09-19

Cone crusher is mining crushing machinery mainstay, cone crusher is often used for crushing ore processing operations, this machine crusher equipment simple structure, easy to operate the machine running stability is widely welcomed crusher machinery. Cone crusher after years of development of the times but also a lot of different types, which have widely welcomed the spring cone crusher.

Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturer, Asian Capital to recommend spring cone crusher spring cone crusher stability of the machine, crushing ratio, uniform particle size products. We all know that for the crusher is bearing its more important parts, of course, for a spring cone crusher is no exception, joyal here to remind the user to pay attention to control the spring cone crusher bearing temperature.

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(1) In the course of the spring cone crusher, to the timing of spring cone crusher bearing lubrication and cleaning operations to ensure the normal operation of spring cone crusher in the bearing.

(2) at the time of spring cone crusher job to select suitable crusher lubricants, attention should be filled with oil to the bearings of the crusher.

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