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Fault may occur when operating large jaw crusher

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Date: 2016-09-26

Crusher is dedicated to the broken ore and other materials, machinery and equipment, along with increasing demand for sand and gravel aggregate crusher ore production also increases aggregate crusher future trends is large, in order to produce more gravel aggregate, crusher size increasing. Of course, for large-scale crushing machine, routine maintenance is difficult to achieve full point, so large crusher during operation due to improper maintenance cause some failure. shanghai joyal mining machinery with a large jaw crusher as an example and we talk about failure problems large jaw crusher in the course often encountered.


Reason large jaw crusher will appear in the use of the bearing fever phenomenon, this phenomenon generally, crusher bearing short of oil or damage into dust. Large jaw crusher bearing fever is not easy to exclude the time will cause a large bearing locking jaw crusher, jaw crusher so that does not work properly.

Large jaw crusher users need to look closely at the job, whether large jaw crusher metal crash sound will be issued, if the user can not tolerate the sound of this issue, this phenomenon described a large jaw crusher liner or impeller and other wearing parts no good cause shedding phenomenon installation.

If it is a large jaw crusher production of stone size is too big a problem, it may be a jaw crusher belt is too loose, requiring users to timely tightening belt.

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