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Do-it-yourself solve the problem of cone crusher downtime

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Date: 2016-10-13

Cone crusher is the mining machinery we should be more familiar with a mining machinery and equipment, because the cone crusher usage is relatively high, often in the construction site, so we should have a more profound conical crusher Image. After years of development, the cone crusher also appeared a lot of different new models such as hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher and so on. Today, shanghai joyal mining machinery to bring you can solve their own failure of the cone crusher .
Cone crusher has a simple machine structure, the machine parts with wear-resistant material, the machine overall good wear resistance characteristics, and cone crusher production is relatively high is an ideal ore crushing machinery and equipment. But no matter how good the machine there are always some minor problems, if these small problems we can overcome their own, you can save maintenance costs.

Today, joyal with everyone to see the conical crusher failure, we can solve their own, you can save yourself a small maintenance funds.

Cone crusher crusher in the host suddenly shut down their own, the user can do it yourself. If it is because the discharge port block, resulting crusher crushing cavity blockage, you can clear the discharge port block material; if it is because the drive wheel rotation V-belt too loose, resulting in belt slippage, the user can adjust the crusher belt.

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