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Correct Shut – down Operation of Double Roll Crusher

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Date: 2016-10-17

Double-roll crusher is the use of two separate transmission of the roller, the ore and other materials crushing crushing of a crushing machinery and equipment, shanghai joyal mining machinery to strengthen the two-roll crusher main parts “rotor” reinforcement design , Improve the wear resistance of the parts of the double roll crusher and prolong the service life of the double roll crusher.
We all know that the use of crusher switch machine is necessary to operate the steps, if the crusher switch operation error, we can imagine that this will lead to crusher can not work properly, the impact of crusher is still great. Here joyal and we talk about the double-roll crusher the correct shutdown steps.

Double roller crusher crusher machine equipment shutdown, notify the relevant posts, close the double-roll crusher water separator on the water injection valve, and then close the double-roll crusher motor.

Isolation, emptying off the double-roll crusher inlet valve, open the separator separator emptying valve, double-roll crusher to confirm the media row clean, such as double-roll crusher to exclude the media clean, confirm double-roll crusher Shutdown.

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