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How to safely replace the crushing wall of a cone crusher

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Date: 2016-10-24

Cone crusher is a crusher in the more familiar with a crusher machinery and equipment, because the cone crusher in the sand production line and the frequency of the site is very high, the cone crusher is used for ore and other materials broken One of the main mechanical equipment. Cone Crusher high security, low failure rate, long wearing parts life, high processing capacity is very suitable for the crushing of a mineral machinery and equipment.
Cone Crusher is the ideal crushing machinery and equipment, but we should pay attention to the loss of mechanic products after a period of time there will be damage to the phenomenon of cone crusher, at this time the user need to pay attention to timely replacement of the broken cone crusher parts. Here Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about how to replace the broken cone crusher broken wall problem.

In the replacement of cone crusher and other broken walls, first cone crusher lining, body or adjust the package evenly preheated to 400C or more in order to remove moisture and water droplets, to avoid the pouring process due to water splash wounding accident. The inner surface of the cone crusher liner is then coated with a thin layer of lubricating oil, which not only prevents moisture but also prevents the adhesion of the zinc alloy to the liner, body or adjustment sleeve surface.

In preparation for the above matters, the user can place the broken wall on the body to adjust the position, and then use professional tools for casting. To be alloy solidification, clean up the broken wall surface and other surfaces attached to the debris. Finally, the press sleeve, cap, ring, gland, cone head installed in place, do a good job on the above related matters that the broken cone crusher replacement is completed.

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