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Jaw crusher equipment type and operating conditions of the installation

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Date: 2016-06-20

As we all know, as the economy continues to develop, our jaw crusher industry continues to progress, now common jaw crusher, there are four types, one is the PE series jaw crusher, the other is the JCE series, third type are PEX series, fourth type are V-Series Hydraulic jaw crusher. crusher discharge method is different, PE series jaw crusher pad method, it is by removing or adding pads to control the final size, this approach is very simple, easy to operate, increase the efficiency of the equipment ; flexibility JCE series jaw crusher, the final size of the wedge adjustment easier. Jaw crusher with hydraulic adjust the final size, saving more time and work. Jaw crusher is a clear advantage over other types, it is the body of the motor production, customers can choose high-quality equipment according to different requirements.


Next, the operating conditions for us a jaw crusher, jaw crusher can maintain long-term stable operation of many decision factors, which include, jaw crusher material during operation maintenance, and other materials crushing, jaw crusher mounted the last step before played an increasingly important role. Here I will explain the installation method jaw crusher and details.

When it comes to jaw crusher installation, generally divided into three steps, and now I will show you a detailed explanation: first, to make appropriate adjustments to the horizontal and vertical jaw crusher plates, within the allowable range of control error, when a removable panel, we must pay attention to the front and side panels and the vertical side of the parallel between. Secondly, the combination of jaw crusher jaw plate holder, and in this step, the framework must first cast zinc alloy, fixed jaw plate front and rear support base, then we should fix jaw again and resolve the posterior branch of the bolt Block foundation, and finally install the rack. Third, we must first of jaw crusher rack calibrate and fix the rack on the basis of the cement slurry.

This is about three points jaw crusher installed Shanghai Joyal grasp the correct installation method jaw crusher has been reached, as a professional jaw crusher manufacturer, we have many experienced installer to provide you with perfect service!

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