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What kinds of cone crusher maintenance

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Date: 2019-12-13

Cone crusher maintenance is mainly divided into 4 convenient, as follows

  1. Regular maintenance includes: 1. Spherical bearings; 2. Wear of straight bushings and tapered bushings; 3. Adjusting gear meshing and transmission bearing clearance; 4. Cleaning fluid device, lubrication device, sealing device and dust ring; 5. Repair or replace some small parts.
  2. Minor repairs include: 1. Items that are frequently inspected; 2. Repair or replacement of spherical spherical bearings; 3. Repair or replacement of small and large bevel gears, drive shafts and bushes; 4. Repair or replacement of eccentric shaft sleeves, tapered bushings and Straight bushing; 5. Filter or change lubricating oil.
  3. Intermediate repair includes: 1. Including all minor repair items; 2. Replacing large and small bevel gears; 3. Replacing transmission bushes and spherical bearing bushes; 4. Detecting the gap between the spherical bearing seat and the upper end face of the eccentric shaft sleeve; 5. Check or partially replace the spring and spring bolt.
  4. Overhaul includes: 1. Including intermediate repairs; 2. Disassembly inspection, measurement, repair or replacement of all parts; 3. Repair or replacement of adjustment ring, support ring, spring and spring bolt; 4. Correction of the entire crusher Technical performance, and technical transformation can be carried out according to specific conditions.

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