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Jaw crusher to extend the best solution

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Date: 2014-06-05

Jaw crusher warranty method described below, in fact, a good way as to maintain, the use of jaw crusher machine according to safety procedures, the natural life span is not short.
Jaw crusher of security procedures
1, operate the unit staff, subject to safety education;
2, the device work, is strictly prohibited peep from the machine-oriented;
3, equipment operation, is strictly prohibited to make any adjustments, cleaning or maintenance work;
4, equipment operation, the non-feed by hand directly in the mouth cavity on the handling or removal of broken stone;
5, the machine’s electrical equipment should be grounded, and insulated wires installed in the tube
But even better is maintained, the use of the machine has its limits after all, the jaw crusher plant in order to ensure normal operation, in addition to proper operation, the need for planned maintenance, including routine maintenance checks, minor repairs, repair and overhaul .
1, minor repairs: The main contents include inspection and repair adjustment device, high-speed discharge port clearance, the wear of the liner U-turn or change. Transmission repair parts, and replacement of oil and other lubrication systems. Small repair cycle of 1-3 months or so.
2, the repair: In addition to all the work for minor repairs, but also including the replacement of the thrust plate, liner, bearing, etc. check and repair. In the repair cycle is generally 1-2 years.
3, overhaul: in addition to all the repair work, including replacing or turning the eccentric shaft and jaw spindles, casting rod head the Ministry of babbitt, replacement or repair of worn parts.

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