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Ore crusher to extend the service life of the method

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Date: 2017-08-29

Ore crusher is dedicated to the crushing of ore processing machinery and equipment, commonly used in some of the ore crusher jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher and roller crusher and other ore crushing and processing machinery and equipment The Ore crusher is mainly used for the processing of ore a broken mechanical equipment, so in the process of broken ore may be machine wear problems, ore crusher has a certain period of use, how to extend the use of ore crusher, the majority of the purchase Manufacturers have very important significance. Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about how to extend the life of the ore crusher.

Be sure to ensure that the ore crusher can not be overloaded, because the ore crusher runs in a short period of time, it will be crushed, and is destructive to crush. The damage to the whole ore crusher is very serious; users also need to regularly fixed point on the ore crusher for testing and maintenance, the purpose is to be able to deal with those parts or other parts of the weary parts, so you can ensure that the entire equipment Production process is smooth, but also does not affect the operation of other accessories.

Users want to extend the useful life of ore crusher, to strengthen the daily conservation. That is, regular replacement of vulnerable parts for the ore crusher, and to regularly quantitative equipment for the various sports bearings to add or replace the appropriate lubricants, which not only can always maintain the good lubrication of the equipment, but also to prevent abnormal bearing temperature rise , And burned bearing accessories.

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