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Jaw crusher out of the reasons for large differences

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Date: 2017-06-26

Jaw crusher is the main broken ore machinery and equipment, jaw crusher crushing force can be used for a variety of different ore crushing, has been the majority of users love, where the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the majority of users It should be noted that the jaw crusher in the process of breaking the ore may be unstable production situation, this situation will not only cause the jaw crusher production decline will lead to jaw crusher problems, in the end what causes these conditions , Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simple and we talk about.

Jaw crusher production instability, the user depends on whether the broken material to the hardness of the jaw crusher in the range, in the crushing process, add the material volume should not exceed the size of the feed port, hardness should be appropriate The On the other hand, the jaw crusher crushed ore material on the nature of the jaw crusher production also have a certain impact.

Linings, bearings, jaws and other parts of the wear and tear on the production also has an impact, when the crusher parts wear, jaw crusher work stability will decline, the material crushing efficiency will decline. Therefore, the operator to regularly check the wear parts, when the accessories wear, to make timely adjustments or replace the new; motor and production also have a certain relationship, when the voltage is too low when the motor speed will drop, Crushing efficiency and the degree of material fragmentation will decline, so at work to ensure that the voltage stability.

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