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Hammer crusher jamming problem on the mechanical impact

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Date: 2017-04-17

For the ore crusher to understand the user may be clear that the ore crusher in a long period of time after the load operation may occur ore crusher load caused by the ore crusher can not work properly and the occurrence of ore crusher blockage.Shanghai Joyal Mine machinery as a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment here and we talk about the situation of the crusher and this situation will lead to the emergence of what the phenomenon.

Single-stage hammer mill is a gravel production line often used in a grinder mechanical equipment, this ore crusher with a screen and sieve bottom, so sometimes there will be some clogging situation. Because the various parts of the hammer mill are interlocking, so as long as there is a blockage, it will hammer crusher other related parts also caused no small wear and tear.

If the hammer crusher problems, the user did not find the time, if there is no timely solution, it will speed up the hammer mill crushing the cavity parts of the wear and tear, while reducing the hammer mill life. For a long time so that the damage caused by the hammer mill is very large, the use of crusher users need to pay attention to the work of the hammer mill state.

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