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Resulting in cone crusher card material of the three “culprits” one

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Date: 2017-01-16

Cone Crusher is the gravel production line is often used in the crushing of the ore crushing machinery and equipment, different from the jaw crusher, cone crusher crusher to produce the fineness of gravel is relatively small, so the cone crusher is often used for ore Material in the crushing operations, sand and gravel production line is an indispensable presence.


We all know that for machinery and equipment, with the passage of time, the wear and tear of machinery and equipment is more serious, especially for stone processing cone crusher and other mining machinery and equipment, crushing ore processing at the same time, from the The reaction of the ore and other materials on the cone crusher parts wear is also great.

Cone crusher in a long time after the load will be due to parts of the wear and tear problems in the ore crushing process will be some problems, such as the cone crusher card material problems, then the cone crusher caused by the card What are the reasons for the problem? Shanghai joayl mining machinery here discuss the next.

If the cone crusher in the process of crushing the ore, feeding too much or uneven and too large into the feed material will form a blocking problem, in order to be able to break the ore suddenly increase the amount of current equipment, and automatic circuit protection device Will be shut down to protect the line, which formed what we often say that the card material situation.

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