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Advantages of crushing chamber of curved type jaw crusher

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Date: 2017-01-09

Jaw crusher is a widely used mine crushing equipment, jaw crusher has broken large and broken ore materials, many types of features, jaw crusher is used in coarse aggregate production line must Equipment, jaw crusher in the mining machinery is occupying an important position.

Ore material is broken in the jaw crusher crushing chamber, that crushing chamber impact jaw crusher crushing quality and production, impact jaw crusher mechanical properties of the key is the jaw crusher broken Cavity shape, the general jaw crusher crushing chamber can be divided into linear and curved type.


The crushing chamber of the jaw crusher is a linear jaw crusher. The vertical section of the jaw crusher is a straight line. The angle of the jaw crusher is constant. As the study found, the jaw crusher’s linear crushing chamber production capacity is inferior to the curve Type crushing chamber, curved crushing chamber which have advantages?

The volume of the trapezoidal cross section formed in the continuous horizontal plane of the crusher crusher is gradually increased from the middle of the crushing chamber, and the voids of the material are also increased. This new type is beneficial to the elimination of the finished ore and is not Easy to cause jaw crusher blockage.

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