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which one shell is better for ore crusher?

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Date: 2017-01-03

Ore crusher is used for the crushing of ore for special mechanical equipment, ore crusher is used to break the rocks of this hardness is very high ore, so the ore crusher in the broken rock when the machine is not too small wear and tear, Therefore, the quality of the parts of the ore crusher is very good or bad, the relationship between the ore crusher whether normal operations.



Ore crusher shell on the ore crusher is of great significance,, ore crusher shell protects the internal parts of ore crusher will not be damaged, from the ore crusher shell manufacturing process, the often used ore crusher Of the shell is nothing more than the whole cast steel or standard cutting after welding made of.

Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we introduce the ore crusher under the difference between these two different shells, ore crusher cast steel body is the whole body is one of the crusher, because the fuselage is one, so This equipment is very rugged, long service life.

Ore crusher welding body is composed of multiple pieces of steel, and then made by manual welding, compared with the cast steel crusher of this shell ore crusher life is much shorter, but the welded body of ore broken The price of the machine than the average price of cast steel ore crusher is much lower.

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