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Joyal cone crusher layer material

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Date: 2014-06-30

Cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, mining, water conservancy, and construction and other fields, and played a key role in the corresponding production process. Crushing machine main job object as ore material, the grain shape (geometry of material particles) is broken the main indexes for evaluation of the quality of the product, usually can be divided into cubic shape and needle flake. Needle flake particle in the broken products accounted for more of the mass fraction of needle piece rate, is broken product grain shape of quantitative indicators evaluation. Experts based on the theory of laminated crushing, through the establishment of corresponding mathematical model, implements the broken needle piece rate changes in layer of forecast and analysis, and the needle to broken products piece rate prediction and control, and provides the reference for the research.

Joyal cone crusher is a kind of advanced  cone crusher, which is of high-power, large crushing ratio and high production rate. It is developed on the bases of the digestion and absorption of various types of cone crushers . Its structure is obviously different with the traditional cone crusher in the aspect of design, and it has concentrated all the main advantages of other types of known crushers so far. There are  cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, spring cone crusher, hydro cone crusher, gyratory cone crusher.

123 (300)Jaw crusher machine work, materials in the crushing cavity is under the action of two jaw plate extrusion was broken, so produce returns phenomena associated with the stress distribution of the material. According to the force of the material, when the jaw of the friction Angle is the Angle between 2 times, the material in the crushing cavity not upward or downward movement, in balance, but once the Angle increases, the stress of the material in the vertical direction is unbalanced, the component is greater than the downward and upward separation points, and it is on the upward force component materials under the action of being squeezed out, to the inlet direction, to generate returns. make the material between the jaw and does not produce enough friction to overcome crushing force component of the direction, by material under the action of vertical force, extrusion, sliding inlet direction. From the above analysis, the crusher at work, can generate returns phenomenon, from the jaw Angle and the friction material and the jaw Angle two aspects to consider.

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