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Cone crusher card material reasons (b)

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Date: 2017-12-26

Cone crusher is dedicated to crushing ore processing machinery and equipment, cone crusher in the course of the process may have some problems, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery to remind the majority of users should pay attention to the cone crusher card material, here Joyal we talk about the reasons leading to cone crusher card material.

Cone crusher in the course of the operation if improper operation or crushing machinery is overloaded in the long-term working condition will cause cone crusher spindle fracture and the emergence of the card material problem.

Therefore, in order to avoid the cone crusher caused by spindle fracture down phenomenon operators to undergo a rigorous induction training equipment in the operation of equipment in strict accordance with the norms of operation, in addition to avoid equipment overload work pay attention to check the operation of equipment.

Cone crusher load when the hydraulic station will make the locking ring failure caused by the adjustment sleeve with the moving cone operation, if not handled properly will cause the adjustment sleeve stuck, the emergence of the card material situation.

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