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Can jaw crusher be used for fine crushing (a)

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Date: 2018-01-02

Jaw crusher is commonly used in the crushing of ore machinery and equipment, in the gravel production line jaw crusher is usually used for roughing operations of limestone, granite and basalt ore, jaw crusher usually as a sand and gravel production line In a crushing equipment. In recent years, as the size of infrastructure construction continues to increase, the demand for gravel aggregate has soared, and jaw crushers have played an important role in the production of aggregate.

Jaw crusher compared to the cone crusher and impact crusher and other second and third crushing equipment, jaw crusher general crushing ore aggregate produced relatively large particle size, however, with the fragmentation of the diversification of materials and customer needs Constantly improve the crushing function of the jaw crusher demanding, how to achieve crushing jaw crusher production?

Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, and here to talk about how to achieve crushing jaw crushing operation. Jaw crusher transmission is a typical crank rocker, simple structure, easy to manufacture, low cost. However, the existence of jaw crusher moving jaw lower “state” and the whole machine “half-Cheng Gong,” the congenital malpractice, its function only to discharge material-based, so that the broken stroke and discharge schedule conflict.

Jaw crusher in the crushing process crushing cavity structure and single particle crushing mechanism also can not meet the requirements of broken material, in the single particle crushing mechanism, the tight side determines the particle size, loose side determines the yield. When the size of the cavity-type tight side is adjusted to the size of the powdery particles, the cavity type is difficult to manufacture and mount, and the yield is also reduced.

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