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Jaw crusher with big crushing capacity

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Date: 2017-07-10

Jaw crusher is a gravel production line commonly used in an ore crushing machinery and equipment, jaw crusher in the whole gravel production machines are very famous, why jaw crusher can get the majority of users unanimously favorite? This is mainly determined by the performance advantages of the jaw crusher, especially the jaw crusher crushing capacity, here, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery and we talk about jaw crusher crushing performance.


The crushing capacity of the jaw crusher is known for its simplicity and efficiency, but the efficient crushing capacity is behind serious wear and tear of some important parts. The jaw crusher’s jerk is often an important matter for jaw crushers. First of all, we have to understand the thrust plate in the course of the work of a variety of forces. Jaw crusher working principle is through the moving jaw on the fixed jaw constantly close, and then fall into the crushing chamber of the material to be crushed to crush, driving the moving jaw operation, the thrust plate structure plays an important role The

Jaw crusher thrust plate in the jaw crusher occupies a very important position, but also jaw crusher is easier to wear the key parts, the need for jaw crusher thrust plate to do the appropriate maintenance operations. In the replacement of the jaw crusher thrust plate, the first to be shut down, and then remove the crushing chamber of the residual stone, with lubricants on the elbow plate surface cleaning and lubrication after the replacement of the new thrust plate structure. Finally, the size of the jaw crusher to adjust the size of the mine, it is best to achieve the size of the previous discharge.

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