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The role of the thrust plate of Joyal jaw crusher

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Last modified: 2014-04-30

rock crushing equipmentJaw crusher machine referred to as broken jaw, also known as the tiger population in some places in the Mainland, was born in 1858, created the Gospel throughout the mineral processing equipment. The jaw crusher has the advantage of unparalleled thrust plate is to bear the brunt of the most important in the overall operation of the jaw crusher.

Large jaw crusher, two motors respectively driven mainly rely on the force of inertia crusher thrust plate. Thrust plate of jaw crusher to a lot of stress at work, the core parts of the crushing machine. Made jaw crusher thrust plate of the machine generally high hardness of the alloy or high-manganese steel, the hardness of the need to complete the work. Jaw crusher thrust plate by a tremendous impact on the intensity of cumulative production, will have some wear and tear.

ZYS High-Efficient Cone Crusher-2Additionally for the usual mind – and short-cone crusher, but in addition in between them, namely the distinction in between the medium-sized cone crusher machine that may be employed could also be employed inside broken chronology. Standard, medium-sized, brief mind cone crusher. The principal distinction could be the crushing chamber profile various shapes. Therefore, for the mine discharge particle sizing and particle sizing are also different.

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