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Joyal Jaw Crusher Equip High Differentiation Conditioning System

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Date: 2014-05-06

As we all know, jaw crusher machine conditioning system is very important to ensure crusher normal work. There are different crushers available in our daily life. They are used specially for certain applications. As technology and our society develop, crushers are more advanced and durable. With them, materials can be produced into required small size and shapes.

The first one is pad conditioning. It has the characteristics of simple and compact structure and it add little weight to the whole crusher. So it is very suitable for large and medium sized jaw crusher. Then use the oblique iron for cofactor. And we should know that oblique iron is used to adjust the width of the discharge opening. It has the advantage of achieving stepless regulation without stopping the jaw crusher. Finally, the adjusting mechanism can be controlled electronically. Then you can adjust and test the machine more quickly and effectively. With the advanced technology, the impact crusher plant, jaw crusher can be more sensitive and accurate at the control.

crusher plantThen when it comes to the reformation in transmission of hydraulic simple pendulum jaw crusher, the reason is that the mechanism of crusher runs depending on the torsion generated by the transmission mechanism. If there is not enough efforts to control, it may severely affect the work of crushing mechanism. And when the driving mechanism is improved, it can make pointed references to the crushing mechanism and provide good support for it. The jaw crusher and stone crusher improving part is mainly to protect the close integration of the dynamic jaw and thrust plate.

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