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Can jaw crusher be used for fine crushing (b)

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Date: 2018-01-08

Jaw crusher is a processing equipment commonly used in the crushing processing of ore in the gravel production line. Whether it is granite with high hardness, diabase or limestone with relatively small hardness, dolomite and the like, the jaw crusher Machine for crushing processing, the application of jaw crusher is very wide range of jaw crusher in the sand production line, is generally used for coarse crushing operations processing equipment.

Can jaw crushers be used for fine crushing? Shanghai joyal mining machinery as a professional ore processing machinery and equipment manufacturers, in the above and we said that the jaw crusher can be used for the fine processing of ore?Here Joayl talk about whether the jaw crusher can be used for ore Fine processing.

The improved jaw crusher can be used for the fine crushing of ore. The improvement of the jaw crusher mainly starts with the relationship between the crank rocker mechanism and the jaw crusher. Through the design of the stepped structure of the crushing cavity and the addition of a Set of independent crank rocker mechanism, the use of “small angle force” and “laminated broken” principle.

The improved method changes the state of “force reduction” of the lower part of the movable jaw of the jaw crusher into a “boosting” effect so as to change its mechanical structure so that the jaw crusher can crush a large piece of material directly, Customers crushing requirements, greatly simplifying the production line processes, but also greatly improve the production capacity of the equipment and reduce the energy consumption of jaw crusher.

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