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Jaw crusher moving jaw two different methods of support

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Date: 2018-01-15

Jaw crusher is special equipment for crushing ore, of which jaw crusher jaw crusher jaw crusher is a very critical part of the relationship between the normal operation of the ore crusher. Therefore, we understand the jaw crusher can start from the jaw, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of ore processing machinery and equipment, and here to talk about the jaw crusher jaw support problems .

jaw crusher movable jaw support, traditional support and external support two kinds of rocker support, and external support for the rocker is based on the traditional support summed up, Zhuo Ya here and we simply say That the jaw crusher in the jaw of these two different support methods, so that we know more about the jaw crusher.

The traditional jaw crusher moving brackets brackets, jaw crusher moving braces and brackets, brackets and wedge iron are between a semi-open one-way contact rotary pair. Poor sealing, lubrication difficulties, coupled with harsh working conditions, broken dust intrusion, resulting in jaw crusher brackets and brackets wear serious, low life expectancy. At the same time, due to the wear of the toggle head and the toggle plate seat, the movement parameters of the mechanism are changed, so that the performance of the jaw crusher is reduced. Jaw crusher work, moving E generated inertial force, the cycle is also easy to make the rod and spring breakage due to fatigue, failure soon.

Another method is to replace the brackets swing brackets, and by adding hanging scroll on both sides of the movable jaw, so that the pendulum placed outside the rack, jaw crusher moving E shaft hung one end of the hanging scroll hanging scroll Hole, and the hexagonal screw locking, the other end through the mounting hole on the rack, bearing in the sliding bearing on the pendulum. To ensure the bearing has sufficient rigidity and wear resistance, the use of aluminum bronze bearing pad material, and the addition of lubrication devices. The pendulum then transmits the load to the frame via a spindle mounted on the frame. In order to prevent the spindle from moving, one end of the spindle is limited by a limit block.

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