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Introduction of Cone crusher history

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Date: 2014-07-02

The gently inclined cone crusher machine officially used in industrial applications. Such cone crusher include  short head cone crusher and spherical cone crusher, which is characterized by a dynamic cone was gently inclined, there is a spring overload protection device.

Soon, the steep incline compression cone crushers have also come out, this is called compression gyratory crusher. Actually, this crusher is improved on the basis of gyratory crusher, this crusher is for medium crushing and fine crushing. Its shape and structure of the minor axis gyratory crusher is basically the same, with a very steep cone, Pai mine mouth small, spindle short stroke, high speed.

IMG_2280This allowed further improvement of the cone crusher. At the same time, gently inclined cone crusher overload protection device while maintaining the original spring gentle cone based on the use of a hydraulic or pneumatic regulating port of discharge, hydraulic overload protection device and hydraulic locking device.

70s, cone crusher, make progress in two, one is 3050 mm advent of large cone crusher, the second is capable of producing ultra-fine material gentle steep cone crusher come out. The latter has a new type of crushing chamber structure, the spindle is short, the material characteristics can be obtained four purposes.

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