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Ore crusher bearing maintenance problems (a)

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Date: 2017-02-06

Ore crusher is used in the gravel production line for the crushing of ore processing machinery and equipment, with the construction industry in recent years the development of ore crusher for aggregate production of the key can not be missing the development of mechanical equipment Form a great. Aggregate production line is often used in ore crusher mechanical equipment jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher, these ore crusher has its own unique advantages.

Although these ore crushers have different characteristics, but the same is that these ore crusher bearing is the whole machine is very important in the presence of the ore crusher is able to freely and flexibly running the key. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of bearings is of great significance, requiring users to check out the ore crusher in advance of the failure, timely repair.

In the process of ore crusher, the ore is the ore crusher by the load of the more serious parts, ore crusher is the main point of support, shanghai joyal mining machinery first and we talk about ore crusher in the operation process of the How to Ore Crusher bearing maintenance.

In the process of ore crusher operation, users need to pay attention to the sound of ore crusher, under normal circumstances when the ore crusher rolling bearing oil shortage, will hear the “Gulu Gulu” sound; if you hear the discontinuous ” “Sound, may be a bearing ring appeared rupture problem. On the other hand, ore crusher bearing mixed with sand and other debris will produce some noise.

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