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Cause of Damage to Motor of Ore Crusher

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Date: 2016-11-21

Ore crusher is used for ore crushing of a dedicated mining machinery and equipment, ore crusher can be broken into small pieces of ore is very critical to the production of sand and gravel mechanical equipment, ore crusher for ore crusher Of each component is very critical for the ore crusher, the motor is its key parts.
Motor is the ore crusher to normal operation of the key to the motor is a very important part of the ore crusher, shanghai joyal mining machinery to remind the user to pay attention to the maintenance of the motor. So, what causes the ore crusher motor damage?

On the one hand in the ore crusher operation, the internal parts of the ore crusher is also the continuous operation of the ore crusher in the broken rock ore crusher internal friction between the bearings and the rotor caused by the ore crusher core surface wear caused Machine short-circuit, when the machine short-circuit caused by the ore crusher motor damage.

On the other hand, the ore crusher is generally open-air operation in the open, the moisture in the air so that the core rust, so that some of the water into the ore crusher inside the motor, causing motor rust problems lead to motor damage.

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