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Tips for Keeping Your Sand Making Machine in Good Performance

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Date: 2011-12-29

sand making machineAt present, due to the sand content with increasing, the supply of sand mining operations in natural sand aggregate is hard to meet the demand of the market. Therefore, mechanism, or artificial system sand industry gradually arisen, and drive the whole project to heavy mineral processing equipment technology industry and technological process of research and improvement. And as the sand production line was an important part of the system, because the sand aircraft in the whole mechanism the important position of sand production, so know more about sand making machine maintenance and safety of common sense also is very important. This can be relatively longer to keep the sand the good performance of the machine and its service life, to reduce the input and get more benefit.

1, regular stop open door window in the sand machine impact observe internal wear, the center into the feed tube, cone hats, impeller, under flow line board, circumferential guard board, wear-resisting piece of wear degree, after wearing should change in time or repair, replacement of wear-resisting should be replaced, ensure wear-resisting piece of similar in weight. It is strictly prohibited to crusher work process open door window observation internal workings, lest produce risk. Find impeller body wear change in time looking for manufacturer of repair. Pay special attention to, without the manufacturer, without permission is strictly prohibited homemade agreed to impeller.

2, drive triangle tape taut force size should be adjusted properly, in order to ensure that the triangle strength evenly, double tape motor drive, both sides should be grouped matching triangle tape, and its every leader degrees as agreement. Should adjust make two motor current difference value is not more than 15 years.

3, the sand machine adopts car grease super or # 3, fat, lithium every work 400 hours grease, join the amount of work 2000 hours of bearing spindle assembly open for cleaning, general working 7200 hours, replace new bearing.

4, spindle assembly for the top bearing swimming, bearing is lower fixed end with the hand, the assembly to throw the pulley should be flexible rotation. On the sand, for the operation of the machine equipment belong to the equipment, should pay special attention to the safety in production. Relevant personnel should be far away from equipment, if need to tinker on should stop in after. Problems suggest you please professional maintenance personnel, without permission is strictly prohibited to solve manufacturer who remove core components.

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