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What to do if the grinding machine vibrates severely

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Date: 2021-07-09

As a modern stone powder production equipment, ultrafine mills have been widely used in important fields such as chemical industry, construction, power plants, mining, and coal. Since some problems and failures may occur during the use of the new equipment, here is an analysis of the reasons for the vibration of the main machine of the ultrafine mill.

  1. The material is too hard

The ultra-fine mill has a strict limit on the hardness of the material. If it exceeds its working range, it will cause a decrease in output, severe vibration of the host, and excessively coarse stone powder. Therefore, the hardness of the material must be controlled well.

  1. The material is too fine

The material is fine and powdery, and there is direct friction between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and there is no material layer in the middle. The vibration of the host can be controlled by adjusting the speed of the host.

  1. Deformation of the grinding roller

Long-term wear causes the shape of the grinding roller to change, and the grinding roller is not round, resulting in severe vibration during the rolling process. The grinding roller should be replaced in time.

  1. The anchor bolts of the main engine are loose

This phenomenon is more common, mainly because the vibration of the machine grinding process will cause the bolts to loosen, and then cause the vibration to increase. The machine should be inspected in time and the bolts should be tightened.

  1. Uneven feeding

If the powder feeder suddenly appears too much or too little, it will cause the grinder to vibrate violently. The feeding amount can be controlled by adjusting the vibrating feeder.

  1. Installation failure

In the process of installation, the center line of the transmission part of the main engine is not straight, and vibration will be generated during the rotation. Adjust the center line in time.

New equipment is prone to mechanical failure due to operating reasons during use. Therefore, operators should continue to learn and master the mechanical operation principles to reduce the probability of failure, so that the equipment can be put into production safely and efficiently.

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