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What is the difference between sand?

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Date: 2021-07-12

“Sand” can be divided into natural sand and machine-made sand. Natural sand: Rock particles with a particle size of less than 5mm, formed by natural conditions (mainly weathering of rocks), are called natural sand. Machine-made sand: (artificial sand) is formed by crushing stones. Natural sand has been washed by water and washed by river, so it feels more delicate. Everyone knows natural sand, so what is machine-made sand?
Machine-made sand refers to the finished product processed by a sand making machine or other special sand making equipment through multiple processes. Its characteristic is that the finished product has a good grain shape. In the operation process, different equipment can be selected according to different material requirements. Various specifications of machine-made sand.

Characteristics of machine-made sand

  1. Robustness and durability test: The sturdiness of machine-made sand is slightly worse than that of river sand, but it still reaches the standard excellent product index, and there is no problem when it is used in ordinary concrete. However, when used in concrete components that are often subjected to frictional impact, in addition to admixtures, the ratio of lime to sand and the crushing index of sand and the content of stone powder should also be controlled.
  1. The effect of machine-made sand and gravel powder content on the performance of cement mixture: through cement test, mortar test and concrete test, there is no big difference between the machine-made sand and natural sand-inducing concrete. Generally speaking, under the premise of the same slump, the water consumption of machine-made sand should be

slightly larger, but it should be considered according to the construction conditions, structure and transportation factors.

However, the strength of concrete remains basically unchanged; when using machine-made sand to prepare special concrete such as pumped concrete, pay attention to the sand rate should not be too high to prevent the reduction of concrete strength and durability and other engineering quality.

In the process of project construction, sand and gravel are an important part of concrete structural materials, and their quality has a decisive influence on the quality and durability of the entire project.

On the premise of meeting the sand performance index, choose an economical and feasible plan that not only meets the construction quality requirements, but also effectively controls the production cost. In this way, in areas lacking natural sand resources, use counter-attack high-efficiency fine crushers or impact crushers The combination of machine and professional screening equipment can produce high-quality machine-made sand. Concrete construction work is not only feasible, but also can bring significant economic benefits.

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