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Why does the jaw crusher have uneven discharge?

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Date: 2019-02-18

Jaw crusher is a kind of ore crushing processing equipment commonly used in the crushing and processing of ore in the gravel production line. The jaw crusher has a wide application range and can be used for crushing and processing of limestone, dolomite and calcite. Shanghai Joyal Mining Machinery here to remind the majority of users is the problem of uneven discharge in the jaw crusher process, then what is the reason for this situation.


In the process of crushing ore for a long time, jaw crusher has serious wear and tear. When the bearing, moving jaw and other components have more serious wear, the uneven size of the jaw crusher will appear. Shanghai joyal Mining Machinery reminds users that parts need to be replaced in this case.

The motor circuit of the jaw crusher is reversed, causing the machine to reverse and affect the discharge size. The operator must carefully check the work before the test, to avoid this situation; the size of the discharge port, if the size of the discharge port of the jaw crusher is unreasonable, it will have a greater impact on the discharge size, and should be adjusted. Discharge the outlet to the right size.

The jaw crusher jaw is a very important part of the jaw crusher crushing ore. When the jaw plate is displaced, the position of the jaw crusher is changed, so that the top of the tooth is opposite to the tip. This occurs. Solve the problem by adjusting the seesaw.

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