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A brief introduction to roller crusher

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Date: 2016-12-19

Roller crusher is used for ore and other materials broken a dedicated ore crushing machinery and equipment, roller crusher crushing rock crushing machine is mainly used, the roller crusher is a very important gravel production line An ore crushing machinery.

As the roller crusher is crushed rock crushing roller, so the roller crusher running evenly, crushing the ore particle size uniformity, less prone to excessive crushing of the situation, which is the roller crusher is often used in sand and gravel production line In the main reason for the broken ore.

Rolling crusher crushing the ore and other materials and the roller crusher has a great relationship between the output of the roller crusher roller speed is on the roll crusher production of the main determinants, and The crushing material to the roller crusher affects the number of revolutions of the rolls of the roller crusher.

Crusher crusher crusher and other materials, the greater the particle size, the roller crusher speed is lower, the output is not high; when the crusher crushing hardness of the ore is relatively low, the roller crusher The greater the speed, the output is high.

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