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Application of quarry crusher in stone fragmentation

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Date: 2015-04-30

Crusher raw materials can be of different sizes, broken into small uniform particles, rock breaking machine can and mineral processing equipment, sand making equipment, can also be used independently. According to the current use of crusher Market as well as the use of different stage, railroad ballast stone crusher crusher equipment specially used include the processing needs: jaw crusher, impact crusher machine and sand making machine .

Another typical railway ballast stone and sand stone production rock breaking machine for crusher, counterattack quarry crusherworking principle of machine is ore by feeding fed, and sliding down along the sieve, sieve ore in the falling process is hard high speed rotating rotor alloy hammer head the shattered, and at high speed along the tangent direction to the first block of the counterattack plate, the ore continue to be broken, the counterattack plate and other ore hit back with the rotor back out collision, so the ore in the first crushing cavity subjected to repeated impact appears broken. Some ore is crushed into a certain size in the crushing cavity, the gap between the back plate and rotor and row to second in crushing chamber, continue to be repeated until the fight, the smaller particle size after the quarry crusher bottom discharge outlet. As the same common rock breaking machine equipment, quarry crusher improved research and development of science and technology, new ouban impact quarry crushercan choose three chamber and two chamber broken broken, enhanced the crusher in crushing process on the scope of application.
Comparison of third commonly used crusher is often called the sand making machine, also called G stone or impact crusher. sand making machine is the latest development of the rock breaking machine products, has obvious advantages in the same sand making machine. sand making machine with deep cavity of the rotor, to extend the material waterfall down time, increase the material centrifugal force, broken sand and then realize the material more efficient, after a long trial, the ways to achieve more efficient system sand machine of high stability.

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