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How to extend the life of jaw crusher?

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Date: 2020-07-31

The jaws plate of the jaw crusher are divided into two types of fixed jaws and movable jaws, which are easily worn parts. This is because when the jaw crusher is working, the movable jaw is attached to the movable jaw plate to make a compound pendulum movement, forming an angle with the fixed jaw plate to directly squeeze the stone. Jaw plate wear will reduce output, which is what users don’t want to see. If you want to extend the life of jaw crusher, I suggest you do this.

The correct method 1. When installing the jaw plate, it must be installed and fixed tightly to make it contact with the surface of the machine smoothly; 2. A layer of material with better plasticity can be placed between the jaw plate and the surface of the machine; 3 .Each batch of materials entering the crusher must be sampled. Once a relatively large change in the nature of the material is found, the parameters of the crusher must be changed in time to match the incoming materials; 4. The jaw must be Choose materials with high hardness, wear resistance and strong resistance, and high manganese steel is commonly used.

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