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Aspects that need attention when designing jaw crusher

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Date: 2019-12-27

Jaw crusher is a crusher that simulates the movement of two jaws of an animal to complete the crushing operation. The crushing method of this equipment is a curved extrusion type. Its working principle is that the motor rotates the deviated shaft through a pulley to cause the moving jaw plate to approach and leave the fixed jaw plate periodically, thereby squeezing, rubbing, and grinding the material. Make the material change from large to small and gradually fall until it is rolled from the discharge port. With the continuous rotation of the motor, the motorized jaw is crushed to periodically crush and discharge materials to achieve mass production. When designing the jaw crusher, the most important part of the equipment must be considered-jaw plate. The service life of jaw crusher is directly related to the work efficiency and production cost of the crusher

  1. It is necessary to reasonably combine Dong’e and Ding’e. At first, the common jaw plate of jaw crusher was flat plate type. With the improvement of the crusher, the tooth jaw plate is now used. In the design, the crushing plates of moving and fixed Hubei should have peaks and valleys. In this way, the material is easily broken.
  2. The shape of E plate. In order to enhance the service life of Hubei Plate, the crushing plate of the small and medium-sized crusher is designed to be symmetrical up and down, and the adjustable head can be used when the lower part is worn. The crusher has abrasion, and the crushing plate can be replaced.
  3. Selection of E plate. The material of E plate can be white cast iron. This material has high hardness, good wear resistance and low price. With the progress of the times, the jaw crusher is also being continuously improved. The jaw plate used is generally ZGMn13.

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