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Impact Crusher Daily Attention to Detail

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Date: 2015-04-13

Crusher is prohibited observed the door open during the observation of internal work to avoid danger. Body found in wheel manufacturer to find timely replacement of worn patches. Special note: without the manufacturers consent is strictly prohibited without permission homemade impeller, or peril. The product size can be combined in accordance with the needs of users and grading, for the protection of the environment, can be equipped with secondary dust removal equipment.

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100Regular observation of breaking down the door to open observation of wear inside, the center feed tube, cone hat, impeller, the downstream channel liner, the circular shield, the wear resistant block, wear should be replaced or repaired, replaced Wear the Joyal time block should be replaced to ensure the Joyal weight, wear-resistant block. Basic flow of stone production line introduced by the large stone hopper vibrating feeder evenly sent by the jaw crusher machine for primary crushing, after crushing the stone by the belt conveyor to the crusher for further crushing; crushing stone after sent by the vibrating screen conveyor belt for screening, Screening out of several different specifications of the stone, to meet the size requirements of the stones taken from the belt conveyor finished product stockpiles; Does not meet the size requirements of the stone material from the belt conveyor back to the crusher for re-broken to form a closed loop several times.

Top of the spindle bearing assembly for the swimming side, the bottom bearing for the fixed end, after the hand pulled the pulley assembly, the total rotation axis should be flexible.

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