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The use of the jaw crusher bracket

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Date: 2019-11-15

The jaw crusher bracket is an important structural component. When the crusher is working, the motor drives the spindle to rotate through the V-belt to move the link up and down. When the connecting rod rises, the angle between the front bracket and the rear bracket becomes larger, thereby pushing the movable jaw closer to the fixed jaw, and at the same time crushing the material, when the connecting rod descends, the front bracket and the rear elbow The angle between the plates becomes smaller, and the movable jaw leaves the fixed jaw under the action of the tension spring, and the crushed material is discharged from the crushing chamber. As the motor rotates continuously, the crusher periodically oscillates around the fixed mandrel, thereby crushing the material. Its role is to transmit power, sometimes greater than the crushing force. The second is the role of the fuse. When the crushing chamber falls into the non-crushed material (such as the drill rod and the broken tooth), the bracket is broken and damaged first, so that other parts of the machine are not damaged. The third is to replace the brackets of different lengths, adjust the size of the discharge opening, and the size of the discharge opening is mainly for the simple pendulum type jaw crusher. Therefore, the bracket is both a consumable part and a safety piece.

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