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Jaw Crusher Failure and Solution

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Date: 2019-06-11

In the production process of the jaw crushersome troubles will inevitably occur. The following five faults common to the equipment are explained to you.

  1. The fracture of the bracket is broken. When the equipment is overloaded or the feed size is too large, or the non-crushed material enters the crushing chamber, it is easy to cause the bracket to break. At this time, the bracket should be replaced and the feed size and non-crushing materials are strictly prohibited. Invest.
  2. 2. The equipment is strongly vibrated. If the spindle is used for too long, it will bend and deform due to wear and other reasons, resulting in strong vibration of the machine. At this time, it is necessary to replace the main shaft of the crusher in time, so that all aspects of the force can be evenly prevented to prevent the machine from vibrating.
  3. 3. The bearing temperature is too high, the temperature rise of the bearing should be controlled within 35 °C, and the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 °C. If the temperature is too high, an appropriate amount of grease should be added, and the bearing should be adjusted to adjust the tightness of the bearing, because this condition may be caused by unsuitable bearing clearance, poor bearing contact or bearing damage.
  4. 4, the host suddenly stops, this happens, you should check whether the discharge port is blocked, to ensure that the discharge is smooth. 5. When the product size becomes thicker and the lower part of the tooth plate of the equipment is seriously worn, the product grain size will become thicker. This can be significantly improved by turning the tooth plate or adjusting the discharge opening.

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