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solution of Impact crusher bearing bearing temperature is too high

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Date: 2017-05-22

Impact crusher is used for broken crushed machinery and equipment, the impact crusher can limestone, dolomite and calcite and other ore broken into aggregate, grappling crusher is a large mining machinery and equipment, for the counter-crushing Machine bearings are one of the most critical parts. But usually a long period of operation and poor lubrication and other conditions will cause the impact crusher bearing bearing temperature rise is too high, Shanghai joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment to talk about the impact crusher The solution to the situation.

We should pay attention to the impact of crusher bearing temperature limit can not exceed 75 ℃, once close to this temperature, the alarm bell will ring, and up to 75 ℃ when the trip will stop. How to cool is the majority of users should take the correct and timely measures, the user can choose to the crusher of the two main axis of the base of the base of a diameter of about 15mm round hole, and then use the cycle of cooling pipe Then, can be effective to the impact crusher bearing cooling.

The user can also set up a tank with a compressed gas on the upper end of the bearing support of the counter-crusher and adjust the ventilation condition by means of its valve element. The original lubricant is changed to Mobil Lithium grease. Lubricant lubrication effect is better, to ensure that the impact crusher bearing in the operation to reduce the bearing high temperature situation.

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