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Ore crusher common broken method

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Date: 2017-05-31

Ore crusher is used for the crushing of ore machinery and equipment, ore crusher is a very large family, which are more familiar with the jaw crusher, impact crusher and hammer crusher and other ore crushing machinery and equipment. According to different crushing methods, ore crusher can also be separated from different types, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer here and we talk about the ore crusher are generally what different broken way.

Impact crusher is a common method of ore crushing method, the impact of the stone crushing, mainly refers to the broken materials such as ore and other high-speed movement in the process of the material to be crushed to produce a strong impact, and the material on the crushing The impact of the fixed wall of the role, and then to achieve the effect of crushing. The impact of this type of stone broken method is mainly dependent on the role of external force to achieve the purpose of grinding the stone. In the stone production, the impact of broken type of common crushing type is generally the impact of crusher machinery and equipment.

Crushing crushing is also a common broken crushing method, refers to the ore crusher crushing face the material to produce a certain squeeze force, the stone reaches a certain limit, it will be crushed. In general, this gravel production line smashing more uniform, the common squeeze ore crusher jaw crusher; grinding crushing mainly refers to the grinding medium through the grinding process of the stone. For example, the grinding machine in the stone crushing process, the stone material transported to the grinding mill grinding ring between, with the help of gravity and centrifugal force on the stone material to form a strong rolling pressure, this crushing method is common Roller crusher and so on.

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