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Precautions for use of copper ore crushers

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Date: 2017-06-06

Ore crusher is a large-scale machinery and equipment is used for the broken ore machinery and equipment, ore crusher parts are more operation is not very easy, Shanghai Joyal mining machinery is a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and equipment, where Joyal As well as copper ore crusher as an example and we talk about the use of ore crusher which can be for what can not be, I hope everyone can pay attention to the next. In the operation of copper ore crusher need to be careful, can not cause personal life threat problem.

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Copper ore crusher at the beginning of the start operation, must be no-load broken, that is, the entire broken warehouse must be empty, can not have any material retention, or will cause the ore crusher in the process of breaking ore ore and other materials strong impact, Leading to damage to the inner wall of the equipment warehouse, and even lead to leakage of ore, leading to copper ore crusher operator’s life safety is threatened.

Copper ore crusher equipment into production, the supply of materials should be less after the first, that is, first put some less material, until the operation of the entire equipment are all normal, in order to continue packing. Users also need to pay attention to the copper ore crusher feeding speed, to do the right material that is to slow evenly add, not too slow, so broken efficiency will be very low, but not too fast, that will lead to equipment appears material The phenomenon of clogging.

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