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Common problems of new type sand making machine bearings

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Date: 2017-05-08

New sand making machine is often used in sand and gravel production line of a sand machine machinery and equipment, sand machine machinery and equipment is our economic development and new urbanization can not be the lack of key machinery and equipment. For the new sand making machine, the sand making machine is composed of a lot of parts, which can not be ignored the key parts is the new sand machine machinery and equipment bearing. Bearing as a new type of sand making machine key parts are also relatively easy to wear parts of the sand, Shanghai joyal mining machinery as a professional manufacturer of mining machinery and we talk about the new sand machine bearing maintenance problems.

When the new sand making machine work when the gears are mixed with foreign matter or gear loose teeth, in the process of crushing the ore will make the equipment a strong impact sound, when the new sand machine rotating bearings or links on the basis of the link bolt loose There will be such a phenomenon, this time need to stop checking, the foreign body out and replace the wear and tear of the gear, tighten the connection bolts.

New type of sand machine bearings in the running friction surface temperature is normal, but if too high, users need to be noted. General bearing temperature is too high, will check whether the amount of lubricating oil is not enough or the quality of lubricants used in oil problems. The main reason for this situation is because the sand machine bearing oil less or the bearing into the dust, lubrication failure, resulting in bearing heat, which requires us to use double pump fuel cleaning bearings, if the pump leak must be replaced , In order to avoid greater losses; the other hand, it may be bearing damage, if the bearing is damaged, you must replace the damaged bearings.

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