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Joyal Cost-effective new spiral sand making machine

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Date: 2015-01-12

Joyal is actually a specialized production equipment sand making machine gear company , the manufacturing of several kinds of sand washing machine with bucket wheel sand washing machine , sand washing machine drum , spiral sand washing machine . Including large new spiral sand washing efficiency sand washing machine , sand washing machine under comparable water, are well-known .
26The advancement of artificial sand is the twists and turns, at the outset we used a rod mill, impact crusher processing incidental to some sand powder, but identified the low quantity of sand generated on this way, the gadget losses are substantial, so he wandered in the introduction of foreign technology, the Alabama restraint sand technological innovation has become the object of our consideration.

The device bearing and water , the material separated in order to avoid damage for the phenomenon from the machine prematurely because of pollution brought on by rust . The wash much less material wastage , large efficiency washing election , can totally meet the requirements of high-grade supplies . Long existence , virtually no wearing components. Our mine stone crusher machines are absolute high quality assurance, welcome a lot more pals to company advisory info .

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