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We Usually Takes Joyal Cone Crusher

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Date: 2015-01-19

cone crusher 123Cone crusher market has been growing rapidly as well as roller crusher for many years. Cone crusher is a high-power, large crushing ratio and high productivity hydraulic crusher which is good performance, low energy consumption,uniform particle size and suitable for secondary and tertiary crushing all kinds of ores and rocks. Cone crushers is widely used in metallurgy, construction, road building and mining industry fragmentation.

The HPC has a curved crushing chamber. The bisector line of the crushing chamber is vertical at the inlet of the crushing chamber and slants gradually from inlet to outlet. Feed material in the upper part of the crushing chamber gravitates downwards increasing not only throughput but also set-under.The mainshaft is supported by two bearings, cone crusher, a spider bearing in the upper part and an eccentric bearing in the lower part.New type of cone crusher has added overload device and hydraulic cylinder design based on original basis, stone jaw crusher, which effectively improves production power and grain shape of finished product.

The single product strategy and marketing strategy has been unable to meet the needs of contemporary business development in the cone crushers manufacturing industry. Product diversification, the type of diversification, diversification of services, and other diversified business strategy is the key of cone crusher manufacturing enterprises development. The practice has shown that the cone crusher can greatly reduce the granularity of the crushed products.


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